Top 5 Strategies to Promote Restaurants on Social Media

Social media greatly increases awareness about your restaurant. Adding social media to your marketing mix can generate more engagement with your restaurant and get more customers in your door.

  1. Create a Fan Page on Facebook :- Creating a separate Facebook page solely for your restaurant is extremely important. Did you know that 51% of people who responded to a social media survey said they are more likely to buy something for “many” or “a few” brands that they have become fans of on Facebook? Having a fan page that customers can “like” on Facebook can lead to brand recognition and loyalty. Give your Facebook fans incentives to “like” your page by offering Facebook-fan only offers and discounts!
  2. Tweet, tweet, tweet! :- In addition to utilizing Facebook to promote your restaurant via social media, you should consider Twitter as well. Twitter is a micro blogging site that allows users to send 140-character messages to each other. Twitter is a way to send short, quick messages, like promotions or daily deals, to your followers. Also, when you tweet something interesting about your restaurant, your Twitter followers have the option of re-tweeting it so it reaches an even broader audience.
  3. Encourage Check-Ins Foursquare :- Foursquare is at its best as a mobile application that allows users to “check-in” to places on their smart phones. Claim your business listing on Foursquare so you can see in real time who is “checking in” at your restaurant. Offer a special deal to people who check-in. Many restaurants reward these loyal diners when they check in with coupons and other promotions.
  4. Showcase Videos on YouTube :- Once you’ve posted your videos on YouTube, they’ll be visible on your Google+ Page. You’ll need to post them on all of your other social media platforms. Post them anywhere you can including your blog. This visual interaction is sure to increase your visibility.
  5. Blog Away  :- Do you have a website? If so, you have the capacity to have a blog! A blog is a great outlet to publish content that you can then share on social networks. You can blog about anything related to your company or your industry, but make sure it is worthwhile for the reader. Share interesting facts or information about the food you serve, or even recipes of your most popular dishes! Then, link to these posts when you participate on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Another great tactic is featuring customer restaurant reviews as guest blog posts!

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