Instagram users can now follow Hashtags

You’ve always been able to follow accounts on Instagram such as your friends, content creators, brands, and the popular travel grams. But now, you can also follow hashtags.


This is going to be a great engagement driver for many brands. Being able to keep track of people who are using the same hashtag as you means that you can now engage with them on their posts on a regular basis. This, in turn means your engagement will increase too.

Staying Up-To-Date

We only ever search a hashtag when we are looking for something specific. You can now stay up-to-date with the hashtags you are using in the same way you stay “in-the-know” with the accounts you are following.

Fine-Tuning Your Hashtags

Now that you can follow the type of content being shared for hashtags, you can actually fine-tune how you are using them. If you are finding that the hashtag is being used by too many users for you to actually drive engagement, you know that it may not work for your needs.

Tap on a hashtag you’re interesting in to open its dedicated page and tap the ‘follow button.’ From then on, you’ll begin to see top posts from that hashtag in your Instagram feed, as well as some of the latest stories associated with that hashtag in your stories bar. As with Instagram accounts, hashtags can be unfollowed at any time.

You can also see which hashtags other people are following by searching their profile. As with the friends you follow, this information will remain hidden to anyone but your followers if you set your account to private.

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