How to Remove a website from Google

Sometimes we need to remove outdated content from google or remove an entire website from google.
No longer want your site to be indexed on google search?
Here I’m listing down the steps.
1- First we have to go to google webmaster tools, also known as search console.
2- Log in to google webmaster tools, click on home. Here you will see all the websites you own.
3- Click on the website you want to delete -> go to google index -> click on remove URLs.
4- Now click on the temporarily hide button that is visible on the search console -> enter the
URL -> click on continue -> select reason -> submit request.
Note: This will de-index your website temporarily after 90 days it will be visible again on google
search index.
To remove permanently
5- Click on the link given on the search console to remove the website permanently.
6- From the given options choose Block URLs with robot.txt file or block search indexing with noindex.

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