Hotel SEO: How to Drive More Online bookings through hotel website.

hotel seo

The hotel industry is diverse and challenging and with various options in the market, driving hotel online booking is tough.

With individual hotels and hotel chains competing against online travel aggregators and price comparison booking sites it’s hard-hitting to drive more bookings online through the hotel website.

But here it is must to mention that once you learn the secrets of how to increase online bookings through the hotel website you will have flashing brand name that will help you stand out from the crowd, bringing potential customers to your doorstep and giving you the chance to make your pitch.

But, how will you get it done? Here are a few tips on how to drive more online bookings through the hotel’s website.

Make an attractive video

This is a fun-filled activity. You can make a video highlighting the plus points of the hotel and post it on YouTube, the internet’s second most popular search engine. So make the most of it;

Upload some creative and informative videos showcasing hotel property and staff and if possible include nearby attractions as a plus point.

Make sure you add the link of your website at the top of the video and give a striking headline that will make your content easier to find.

Be active on the hotel’s social media page

This is the part we tend to ignore; we almost forget the importance of social media for business.

And for that reason always keep a track of your audience. In this digital world, your viewers may be anywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and competitors will be present too.

An out-dated social media page is a setback for the audience and can give a negative impact on online booking.

Update pages quite often, for example, whenever a new dish is tested, host in on Instagram giving it a relevant tag and provide links to related articles your potential clients might be interested in.

Flash fresh deals on the website, for instance offers like discounts available if online bookings are done through direct hotel’s website.

Set up with Google my business

Initial discovery of the hotel starts with the local search. People like to spend their long weekends in nearby hotels or maybe have dinner at good restaurants.

So a hotel SEO strategy starts with a local SEO, people may start the search with a search phrase like best villas in Goa. With this, they are clearly intimating Google that they are looking for hotels relevant to specified geographic locations.

To appear first in the search results is pretty simple just register your hotel with Google my Business for Hotels.

This service is free and it will get you featured on Google search, Google maps and Google plus.

Inform Google Directly

Yours hotel’s existence has to be rightly specified to Google. The hotel groups can create a detail list feed. It includes the information on the hotel’s room and packages, the itineraries. You’ll then select a delivery mode to share your hotel information with Google. 

Customers are looking out for best rates and services and they want answers fast. Your hotel should show up at the exact time when the customers are looking out for.

Inform Google partners

Google has friendship with a lot of online travel agencies and aggregators like Trivago to collect information about hotels.

If sending data to Google directly seems difficult that this option might be quite a feasible one.

However, there is less chance that the customer directly landing into the hotel’s booking page but the hotel with the packages will be listed with other hotels in a similar category.

Create a Hotel answer box

This might be quite an exciting one.

Create an answer box page on the hotel website based on the reviews of the past customers so the potential customer’s queries are solved by reading it.

Make a list of the questions that are frequently asked once the guests arrive at the hotel and questions that they ask before arrival.

Through keyword research and by identifying long tail keywords, questions can be framed and answered and by proper SEO the customers can directly land on the hotel page for bookings.

SEO content creation through blogging is also one of the best ways to see inbound traffic increase from search engines. Again, hiring a professional content writer who can provide valuable content can help you achieve desired target.

Hotel Meta Title & Description

A meta title and description is an info text that provides a brief description of a webpage. The title that you see on the Google search pages.

This is a description that tempts the potential customer to click on the result to know more about the hotel deal or online booking details.

But here, there is the trick to online hotel bookings and it begins with enhancing page title tags and meta description.

Start with your homepage. The homepage should be appealing and optimized to something that is searched often, gives some valuable info and invites the viewer to click.

By optimizing the meta titles and tags it will have more online visibility driving more online bookings through hotels website.

That’s the reason why optimizing of the website is necessary.

What next?

Now that you have the scrapbook, it’s time to execute it.

There are two ways to do it, one way is to do it is to design the SEO strategy internally and the other way is to hire a professional company to support you.


The bottom line here is to be creative to increase the hits on your website. Discover your imaginations and put it to implementation and you are more likely to find success.

Listening to the advice of others is fine, but you have a lot of experience yourself and your instincts may be your most reliable guide.

But to convert visitors into paying customers you must get them there first—and intrigue them enough to get them to stay, and eventually drive them to do online bookings through hotel’s website.

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