6 Tips on how to experience a great hotel stay in Goa

If you are travel freak, you have probably created a long list of great hotel stays in Goa by now, but selecting the one great hotel stay is one of the most important decisions. Only one wrong choice can ruin a fun-filled trip.

Fortunately, with a little planning, you can ensure that your future hotel stay can be superb that you remain happy and have a great experience throughout your stay.

So, how to make your hotel stay extraordinary? Well, it always starts with booking a hotel stay– that moment of choice when you’re surfing websites and apps to find a suitable place to call home for a while.

Whether it is for a 3 star-hotel or a boutique resort in Goa or for that matter may it be for a choice of best restaurants in Goa, chances are you’ll find yourself in a state of confusion.

Let’s take you through the 6 tips on how to experience a great hotel stay.   

Choosing the right location
right location

There is no doubt that the right location is the deciding factor for a great hotel stay. But there more factors focused on deciding one.

As the old saying goes, picking the right location for your hotel stay can mean the difference between an enjoyable or a miserable stay.

If you are thinking of business, your search should be mostly towards centrally located hotels so you all the public amenities nearby and if the holiday is what it is in your mind then make sure you are situated close to a few places of interest like a lake with a boat on hire or beachside hotels where kids can have fun.

The desired worth of the location is when it helps you to get a better feel of the place.

Setting a budget

Your hotel stay location is finalized. Itineraries are in works. Now it’s time to decide on the price factor.

In this digital era where the internet is your travelling partner availing you multiple travel booking sites has made your task much easier.

Here you can compare prices and get a great hotel stay in your desired budget, that too in one go. Without any hustle, these websites offer you amenities and ensure you get your hands on the best off-season or promotional package. 

These sites are well equipped to handle your travelling concerns also sync in setting a budget.

Less is more
Less is more

This is the most important point but majorly ignored.

We all think of a luxurious stay when it comes to spending time with our loved ones. But it is a less observed fact that has been observed that the lesser-known hotels are also delighted to offer the same quality of services as these starry hotels at lesser rates.

For example, a three or two-star hotel might not charge you minor amenities like shampoo or water bottles whereas a five-star hotel might charge for the same.

By doing proper research you can find great hotels stay at a lesser price and can experience a comfortable vacation with the same facilities without burning holes in your pocket.

Hotel Rating & Reviews

Do hotel stay reviews really matter? Off course they do, it helps you set your priorities right.

If you go through any travel booking site you will find testimonials by the previous guests which obviously help to review your future hotel stay.

It is but obvious that if you are travelling with your family then it should be a great hotel stay and going through the reviews is the best way to research the given hotel. Some reputed sites like Tripadvisor have genuine reviews of the as it comes from original tourists who have enjoyed the facilities of that particular hotel stay.

Even if you come across a negative comment, analysing both positive and negative comments it will help you zero down to the final decision.

Swiping credit cards
Swiping credit cards

I agree that having a credit card with you is too tempting, costing unnecessary expenses. But at times it offers too good cashback deals.

Most of the people refrain using this plastic thing, but hear me out: these credit cards are worth when it comes to hotel stays and flight bookings.

From free great hotel stays to rewarding restaurant offers, swiping credit cards can gain you a lot of discounts and worthwhile bonus points in your kitty. Especially if you’ve got the right one.

So next time before planning a vacation, take some time out to discuss your credit card options with your bank and get an optimal mix of maximum benefits and minimum buyer’s regret.

Find out the Facilities

Remember the hotel serves you as a home when you are away from home so it is a good idea to put some thought to prioritize your needs and wants.

You will want to stay in a place that is comfortable, clean and safe and at least have the basic amenities that you require.

For example, if you are on a business trip then the internet may be your basic priority. Other than that if you are on holiday swimming pool, spa and gym maybe your amenities on the list.

When you’re booking a hotel, inquire about possible upgrades, free benefits, access to hotel stay facilities at discounted prices etc.

More often than not, hotels are happy to entertain your request, if asked nicely. 

A small notification here: it is most commonly found that you end up getting a great hotel stay when you are looking for last-minute hotel deals.

There are a lot of hotels offering best deals with hotel bookings and there are travel booking sites that showcase budget hotels in the most popular vacation places, like Goa.

In these, they will guide you to find the best deal and hotel. The information about the best time of year to travel is also helpful. They help to find cheap hotels and the best deals on hotel rooms.

To sum it up I would like to say that hotel bookings are like oysters: you need to be prepared to swim just a bit longer, and a bit smarter than the others to grab your pearl.

Try some of these hacks the next time you face the prospect of a hotel booking and watch as your hotel experience gets upgraded to a great hotel stay.

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