4 Reasons you need a professional makeup artist for your big day

Getting married  is among the most exciting experiences in a girls life!! The happiness, love, attention, pretty clothes, and her fabulous look of the day are something that every girl wishes for and cherishes when it finally happens. Coming to makeup, if ever there were a day you’d want to look like your most gorgeous self, it’s the day you’re  getting married.But unfortunately makeup is always low on brides list.I guess some might even be thinking of doing it themselves to save time and money.

Makeup may seem like  minor details in a world of venue design and those pretty lehengas/Sarees, but smart brides agree hiring a professional makeup artist is essential for your big day.

Always hiring a professional makeup artist to take care of your makeup is a logical step in ensuring that your wedding day is a success! If you are still undecided, here are four  reasons for hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day and engagement session!

1.Artist knows best

Professional makeup artists study the art of craft of makeup. They live it and breathe it like a musician, and the proper selection of colors is part of their DNA. From your foundation to your lips to the perfect eyeliner, makeup artists know how to choose the colors that match your unique character and features. Your wedding day will keep you photographed, possibly more than any day in your life. High definition optics can do some interesting things to your complexion and pores.

Makeup Artists can make it last all day so worrying about your makeup is going to the last thing.Your face will portray a fresh look throughout  the ceremony.

2. Be stress-free on your wedding day

A helping hand can help cut down you wedding day stress. It’s your day to relax ,be pampered and do nothing.Benefit yourself of a stress free day by hiring a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day.

Take it from experienced brides your wedding day is guaranteed to be busy and will likely include a few unexpected challenges, so don’t let your appearance be one of them.

3. The security of trail run

Demand a trial. No makeup artist or hairstylist can walk into your wedding day and smash it out of the park. When you go for a trial makeup ,make sure you tell him/her what exactly you have in mind. When your makeup artist gives you different options be open about whether you like it or not .But allow the stylist to try out different looks, so that you have options to choose from.

4. Product

Professional makeup artist use high-end  products like HUDA , MAC , NARS & much more that are blended with rigorous expertise. When you a hire a makeup artist or hair stylists for your wedding there are special primers, setting sprays and powders that your  makeup artist will know exactly how to apply to ensure complete bliss. You will have a professionally created  and applied look that highlights your natural beauty and ensures a fresh beautiful face to present to your special one.

Behind every beautiful bride there is a talented makeup artist working hard to ensure they look great in every picture that is taken .You wedding is a mini celebrity moment you should look as amazing as those stars . Hiring a pro makeup artist is on way to guarantee that!!

“Makeup is a means to enhance one’s natural beauty, not mask it “.Pooja Shetty is a professional make-up artist and is working in and around Goa . She is specialized in Bridal make-up, Hairstyle,Saree draping and much more.

Pooja has started a venture in Bridal makeup by the name Makeovers by Puja which believes in making brides comfortable in their own skin .We sincerely value the professional relationship with all my brides that have developed as result of this philosophy,Qualification and trust.

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