5 Secrets You Will Not Know About How Digital Marketing Has Improved Marketing.

Digital Marketing has been improved a way too much by end 2017. All the business wants to create their presence on social media as there is market for #DigitalMarketing started up.

All Startups and Business which are at first stage want to get listed on the Google search engines in order to get more visibility online and that can be the best way to attract new customers , gain popularity and generate good amount of revenue through it.

Here are some points listed down which has an vital importance in improving #digitalmarketing in 2017

  1. Reduced cost

Digital marketing has made marketing easier as it has resulted in reduction in  marketing cost which has been one of the major objectives of business. It is faster and also reliable then compared to traditional marketing.

  1. Customer attention or Engage with your customers

It helps small #startups to connect various people , engage new customers faster and than any other means. It the best way to get your visitors into your clients.

  1. Measurement

Unlike #traditionalmarketing in which you are unable to determine whether your method is working or not but in digital marketing you can actually find out whether if it is working or not depending on the number of hits and like that you will be getting  . In digital marketing you can take preventive measures in order to improve your results.

  1. Real time results

In digital marketing it allows you to know the real result rather than waiting for a long time to wait for it, as compared to traditional marketing where you have to wait for weeks to get the results.

5.Viral & Greater exposure

If your marketing strategy is good enough it has a high possibility to go viral and can become a sensation on the social media . On social media if something is unique enough it has a possibility to get many attention very fast. Your #business has the possibility to reach the eyes of the global from a simple market campaign where as the cost involved in the #traditionalmarketing is enormous.

I , Mr. Sudhir Shetty Founder of Espressotive – A Start-Up which is basically into providing Digital Marketing Solutions . I have been attending various sessions in digital marketing to know the depth of it as Digital Marketing is 24/7 learning process. Being a part of Startup company I know in order to make your brand online we need to gain visibility first online so the customer know who we are and what we do.

Skilltune is a platform which offers training to who are willing to learn something . I brought Skilltune in the existence to reach out to students or any common man inorder to teach them basics to survive in this digital world. Skilltune offers training on digital marketing , Seo , Google Adwords , Web Technology , Entrepreneur Skill Development and much more to come. For more details you can follow me on my facebook page fb.com/digitalsudhir or Linkedin Page @SudhirShetty

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