How To Get To First Page Of Google

“The Best Place To Hide A Dead Body Is Page Two Of Google”

In this Digital World , if you want to reach that audience, optimizing your website presence is important. We are always looking for ways to get our website to become visible or noticeable on the first page of Google but most of the times even after doing all this things we are not able to rank well on Google.

In order to get good ranking you need to optimize your site properly, which means employing right “On-Page-SEO” and “Off-Page-SEO” methods to get top ranking on Google. SEO is essential in turning online traffic into potential customers for your small business. Search Engine Optimisation is a tactic you can use to increase your business website’s ranking. You can have the opportunity to rank on Google search’ first page if you know how to use this well. Keywords are the most important element in SEO. High Competition keywords are usually more challenging to rank on google’s first page.
In this blog on Getting your on first page of Google, you will get to know about 3 essential tips which can help you to get on the first page of Google.
1. Get Discovered with Local Keywords

Search Engine Optimization is all about keywords that you want to get to the top of Google search results without paying. Keywords help you in getting the right visitors to your website . Long Tail Keywords gets you good ranking on google search results in reasonable amount of time. Long Tail keywords are longer and more specific as they are called “point of sale” keywords because they are an excellent marketing tool for bringing in more targeted and highly valuable customers to your business.

2. Optimized for Mobile

In 2017 it has been found that Searches on Google from mobile are more than the desktop so its very important to design the website with best page speed and should mobile friendly (that is the web page should be responsive ). This can be advantageous to you and will lead to increase traffic to your site and you won’t lose out clients too.

3. Have Original Images
When it comes to SEO, it’s important to use acceptable keywords to help your webpage rank on search engines. Creating descriptive, keyword-rich file names is absolutely crucial for image optimization. Search engines not only crawl the text on your webpage, but they also search for keywords within your image file names.
The alt attribute also adds SEO value to your website. Adding appropriate alt tags to the images on your website can help your website achieve better rankings in the search engines by associating keywords with images.
As a matter of fact, using alt tags is probably the best way for your ecommerce products to show up in Google image and web search.

Conclusion :
A good SEO will not only benefit your website in Google search , but also the usability of your site. It’s one thing to get visitors to your site, its another thing to bring in traffic effectively.

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