Art of Digital Marketing for Your Small Business with These 3 Vital Tips

I , Mr. Sudhir Shetty Founder of the Espressotive – A Start-Up which is basically into providing Digital Marketing Solutions . I have been attending various sessions in digital marketing to know the depth of it as Digital Marketing is 24/7 learning process. Being a part of Startup company I know in order to make your brand online we need to gain visibility first online so the customer know who we are and what we do. For more details you can follow me on my facebook page or Linkedin Page @SudhirShetty

Well , Digital Marketing is platform where all the small businesses can showcase their brand and make it online to the world to know more about them . These is the best way to target and reach out to the biggest crowd or big bunch of customers. The challenge for small businesses is to stay abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing and then choosing which digital activities to invest their resources in.
To help you develop and improve your digital marketing strategy, here are 3 digital marketing tips for small businesses to consider for the future.

Think Local

Every small business wants to get the free traffic from Google’s local results, but the chances are getting harder everyday but the local SEO presents a tremendous opportunity to grow your business online. You know that search engine ranking (SER) is important. For example, if your business is on the third or fourth page of Google results, you will receive less than one percent of the traffic of a first-page listing. So first thing is you need to have proper search engine strategy in place. This should include regular content updates on websites, proper use of keywords, and blog posts. Focusing on the local SEO should still be a strong priority for you. Getting listed in the local finder can result in easy wins — especially if you also have the most reviews, as Google has very handy sorting options. If you have the highest rating score, you can easily get clicks when users decide to sort the results they see by the business rating.

Optimize Mobile Usability and Page Speed

Rate of people using mobile devices is increasing day by day .You wont find many web pages mobile friendly as some people concentrate on looks of webpage and forgets about making the site mobile friendly. As we say, small business are those who step down in digital world for the very first time so before stepping in the most mandatory thing is to have a website which is responsive enough , beautiful too and is SEO optimized for local search engine to find you. Webpage optimization is wont cost you instead give you more customers.
Sometimes some customers finds you online but are not able to access your website because of the loading time then this will surely affect your presence on goggle search and You are also going to lose out on potential customers. Page loading time is the main issue with most of the websites around the globe .
Fast loading pages helps improve user experience and conversion rates and also WebPages of small business must focus on this to reach out more people and be quick.

Gauge ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is performance measure used to evaluate the of investment. A higher ROI means that investment gains compared to investment costs. ROI provides rational for the future investments and acquisition decision. As we have stated, there are many different channels you can influence in your digital marketing campaigns — SEO, Pay per Click, email marketing, content marketing, and blogging. Whichever path you go down, you should make sure to measure your ROI. Return on Investment is another important factor every small business should know about . Its important to keep a track of the ROI inorder to know how much resources are spent in the digital marketing campaign. Without tracking ROI, you will not know which campaigns are working and which are underperforming. Measuring your ROI won’t cost you much , the best way to track ROI is using Google analytics. Even Pay per click is another way you could use to measure the ROI.

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