The top 6 water sports activities in Goa

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” famous quote By Babe Ruth.

Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, lengthy coastline, mostly people visit these beaches for its ample amount of water sports activities which they can choose from that which suit their every mood and aspiration. Goa has pristine water bodies and jaw dropping sceneries. What better way to enjoy adventurous junkie in you than by participating in some of the Water sports Goa has to offer. Whether you are a relaxed first timer or an adventurous water skiing expert, the waters of Goa have something for everyone.

              All you need to know about the water sports activities in Goa:

One of the most exhilarating activities in Goa,while being suspended high up the air, one gets to relish the majestic view of the exquisite beach landscapes and the sea. It is also known as Para ascending or sky gliding, it’s a sport that requires a parachute and a boat which pulls a very safely and specially designed canopy. The sport is enjoyed by many tourists visiting Goa, Parasailing involves attaching a rope of about 350 feet long to the speed boat at one end and the parasail at the other end. As the speedboat speeds off into the ocean, the travellers are kept up in the air. The vision of the clear blue-sky and the stunningly beautiful water below is spell binding.


One of the peaceful and most beautiful water sports you can find is kayaking. It involves moving across the water in a boat which can accommodate not more than two people at a time. The best places for kayaking in Goa include the backwaters of the Mandovi, Zuari and the Sal backwaters, The expedition will take tourists past some mangroves, thick jungles as well as beaches. It is safe as the participant wears a life jacket and also instructed to avoid making excess body movements to prevent the kayak from tipping.The best time to go kayaking is during the months from October to may as the weather is perfect for the outdoor experience and avoid Kayaking during rain or when the sea is rough.

Banana Ride

Tourists coming to Goa can enjoy various waters ports that Goa offers, there are ample of choices to choose from but nothing would match the fun of banana boat rides in Goa. An inflatable boat like the shape of a banana is used for Banana Boat Rides. This boat is connected to a speed boat,which pulls it along the water at great speed. 4 to 6 people can be seated in one banana boat. The boat throws off the passengers as soon as the boat races across the sea. Everyone riding the banana boat must hold on as tight as possible as the speedboat tries to flip the boat which drops its passengers into the water.

Jet skiing

Goa offers a various water sports to charm the travellers coming to Goa, Jet Skiing is one of the cherished water sports of Goa,and one of the most thrilling and adventurous sports. You’ll mostly see people enjoying this sport around winter season to set their adrenalin rushing. Jet Skiing can be enjoyed at many beaches such as Aguada Beach, Colva Beach, Calangute Beach, Benaulim Beach,Candolim Beach, Miramar Beach, etc.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving should definitely be on each and every travellers to do list. Goa is surrounded with the Arabian Sea which is a plethora of underwater life.The life under the sea is a wonderful place a person can ever see it has a lot of wonders to offer travellers who seek it. It doesn’t require much expertise like swimming and is a easy adventure even for the first timers. Scuba diving is mostly enjoyed in the month of October to April. Your diving experience is sure to be filled with loads of fun as you get to explore around an hour with the sea creatures and other marine life that you may have never seen before. Discover the mystery behind the pristine waters.

Wake boarding

Goa boasts of a various water sports, which you can undertake in order to satisfy your adventurous soul. The one sport that will catch your attention is Wake Boarding in Goa, which is one of the budding Sports. There is a single board and is towed behind the boat. Wake Boarding is quite easy as you need to focus less on the balance. A great fun and can be enjoyed in the month of October to May on most beaches like Candolim Beach, Mabor Beach, Rajbaga Beach,etc.


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