How technology has changed the way we travel and what impact it has on the travel industry?

With each new technological development and scientific advancement, the world is growing smaller and smaller. The last 20 years have seen technology impact the travel industry more than it has in the preceding 100 years. While this technology has become part of everyday life, it can be easy to forget how many companies and initiatives have made an impact on this market.
Currently, the modern world is also called the digital world: Technology has played a major role in every industry. And the travel industry is one of the top industries to enjoy the evolution of technology.
The traveler, the traveling agency and the Supplier have been benefited by technology in many ways. All these players are enjoying the advantages of the advanced technology.
Here are some ways how technology has an impact on the Travel Industry and in what ways:

Planning and Online Booking

The way we plan our Vacation and Tours have been revolutionized by technology. Earlier we had to go to travel agencies get information from them and booked flight bus or train tickets. Finding hotels and resorts after reaching the destination was a tedious task. Now thanks to technology we get the the best of traveling deals with best of prices. Online booking is the end result of the plan now a days. Just search for vacation destinations and book your stay and travel modes. The need to stand in queues has been changed in the recent years, and it is now easier to travel. Travelers can simply book their flights or bus tickets online within few clicks.

● Information

Back then, communicating with the rest of the world was difficult and people could hear you only when you would get a landline or decide to write home. But now Information is literally at your fingertips & has become extremely accessible; it had a profound impact on the way that we travel. Maybe you are going to live in Singapore for a few days and need a quick place guide to read through, telling you all about the history of the place or their culture. All you have to do is type the words into a search engine and there you go ! Your information is right there, you didn’t have to go to a library, and you didn’t had to look through 17 books until you found what you were looking for.


The Global Positioning System is another innovation that has highly benefited the travel industry. This technological feature was first introduced in the mobile phone. However, it is currently used by travelers and travel agencies across the world. Travelers use them to explore new places which have replaced the need for a travel guide. These devices are more accurate and dependable. There are handheld GPS devices that make navigation way easier and comfortable even if you are travelling, kayaking, fishing or going to places that only a few people go to. The travel agencies also place the GPS tracking devices on their car fleets. With this, they can track the vehicles wherever they are for security purposes.

● ID Chip for Bag Tracking

Lost suitcase ? Traveling companies do not have to worry about taking the responsibility of a lost suitcase. Most of the airline and bus companies attach an ID chip to the customer’s suitcase. This way, they can use their systems to track the exact location of the bag. Customers also attach a tiny tracking device to their bags, and they control it easily through an app on their phone. In this case, the traveler will not have to go all the way to the customer support desk for help if they miss their bag.

● Social Media Management

Today’s internet world is dominated by the Social Media Networks. Reviews are everywhere and they are usually a quick go-to for people thinking of going away to a certain area. Travelers tend to read reviews and experiences of other travelers before visiting any place. They also post their traveling experiences on social media.
Travel agencies are utilizing this opportunity to market their services and extend their customer reach. Some also interact with their customers on the social media just to know what they are looking for. Reviews have not only changed travel for travelers, but also for businesses as reviews have created a competitive market for hotels, resorts , & homestays. This is raising the standard of travel, which is really a good news for travelers, but bad news for small businesses that can’t keep up with the speed of this growth. Espressotive Goa a company that deals with social media marketing in goa can help your company to not only get your business automated online but also does Social Media Marketing.

● Smarter Apps That Know You

There are several travel apps that cover every aspect of your experience: from planning, to mapping to journalling . Apps are becoming more and more advanced day by day, combining functionalities to better serve the traveler. With the consolidation of information and data, apps now have the ability to utilize all this information to present your trips in a most useful and personalized fashion.
Travel apps make smart recommendations based on your current situation: the weather, the time, your interests, budgets and so on. It further combines this with a personal travel reviews so you will have an easy way to recall your journeys and give others information too.

● Bridging Language Barriers

Google’s Translate app lets you fire up your smartphone camera and translates text on signs, menus and more in real time. 52 languages are available offline so you won’t need wi-fi or mobile data.Where you once had to rely on a translator or a poorly utilized language book, you can now tap into translation technology.

● Predictive Analytics

This is used specifically by travel companies. The travel agencies use such tools and related apps to access the data from surveys. This way, they can know the previous performance or activities of the travelers, along with their activeness at a specific time of the year. They can also determine the future trends, which can helps them prepare well and devise better management.

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