5 Latest Web Designing Trends You Should Know for 2017

Web design is a creative endeavor that must be faithful to its commercial roots. So, it is a balancing act between commerce and art. Last few years have seen a huge change in how websites look and function.Gone are those days of having to scroll the whole website on mobile screen, websites are become more mobile friendly and easy to use. As technology and consumer tastes evolve, aesthetics and design principles change constantly. A good web design considers the latest trends to create a great user experience that is consistent with the needs and tastes of the contemporary target audience.

Create a brand with these latest trends of 2017 that will capture the imagination of your audience

1. More and brighter color

Designers sought ways to infuse more personality into their design work that still worked within those stripped-down aesthetics.The principle of flat design dictates the use of bright colors and a minimalist approach to UI content. The flat colors grab attention and the minimalist design makes it easier to consume the content. It’s not just about bright, enthusiastic colors, gradients also came back in a big way, blending and blurring those exuberant hues into spectra reminiscent of a noonday sky or a splashy sunset. As very well said “Safe is not Fashionable Anymore“ so designers have to be open to take the risk of playing with a variety of courageous and out of the box color combinations.Without bold and vivid colors, your website design will look outdated and ancient.

2. Start your storytelling with Animations

Animation has long played a key role in our digital interfaces, and there’s no reason to think that’ll abate in 2017. Human beings are more prone to movements. Content creators have learned from experience that videos get more engagement than text or images. With increasing bandwidth and better web technology, users will demand more dynamic video content.

3. Grid and card navigations

One of the leading user interface design trends is the grid and card navigations. Grid and card navigations solve the problem of content overcrowding on web pages. They are providing a practical way for users to easily view and navigate large quantities of information. Businesses can easily create personalized feeds for their customers with this design.

4.  Mobile”! More and More of it

Consumers are using their mobile devices for browsing, interacting, and making financial transactions. Smaller screen sizes mean that the core content must be streamlined. Designers should also take advantage of the fluid user interfaces of these devices to deliver a more intimate experience. Also, the current trend is towards a mobile-first design approach where websites are optimized for mobile devices before creating the desktop version.Emphasizing more on mobile is a winning strategy to expand your audience. More businesses are realizing that mobile-first approach can better serve their users.

5. Content is Still the KING !

Having the best of design won’t just help you with your customers, having minimal quality content surely makes a difference. Great content promotes engagement, adds value to your product/services, and creates brand loyalty. You should provide high-quality content that will create loyalty to your brand if you want to maintain a great relationship with your customers.

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