5 Ways How Social Media Has Influence On Marketing

Good Marketing is a way to a successful business. Marketing defines the product or service that is being provided to the immediate consumer or to the customer and media provides a simple route of out letting the information to a large crowd. Every human being is influenced by media it can be through a television, radio, newspaper, ads on public transport, or bill boards and specially through social media channels.

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  1. Social Voice drives sales
    Word-of-mouth and social media are significant forces in a marketplace for consumer. Word-of-mouth is the most trusted source that provides information to consumers around the world according to many studies and there is now measurable proof that social voice drives product sales both directly and indirectly. Social media enables consumers to create and tap into the opinions of an exponentially larger group of people.

2.Social media increases brand popularity
Various Media has been educating people and continues to do so Social media is relatively new when compared to marketing but you can’t deny the fact that it is the one medium that had the highest influence ever on marketing. Social media outlets constitute excellent ways to build relationships with customers. One way to do this is to create brand fan pages on social media channels .Any one having a brand brand can post on social media channels which contains videos, messages, quizzes, information, and other material . Customers can become fans of these brand fan page, which will allow them to like the brand post or comment on it. Liking and commenting on brand posts shows how popular the brand post is..

3.Social media increase relationship with customers
Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus provides opportunity for businesses to grab the attention of customers while building a brand popularity side by side. There are different ways that businesses can employ to do this which includes the creation of brand profiles on social networks such as Facebook fan pages and creative advertising via branded podcasts and applications, also known as apps. Consistency is one of the keys to a successful social media campaign.

4. Becomes easy to understand what customer expects
When creating marketing strategy, it is worth thinking very carefully about who is being targeted. There will be people within your social networks who might not be customers, but who nevertheless can have a massive impact on your marketing efforts. Forrester Analyst Augie Ray broke the influencers into three parts that is Social Broadcasters (at the top), Mass Influencers (middle) and Potential Influencers (bottom of the pyramid)

5. Spreads business faster and wider
It is worth to identify and make an effort to identify who these people are in your network and connect with them to attract shares and likes which will help to spread your brand name. Kloutis One website which is excellent for identifying these people. Klout gives social networkers a score out of 100 which indicates how influential an individual is over their network.

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