The goal is to learn from your competitors and beat them but not to follow them. Study your competitors well so that you know what they are doing and what they are not.
In order to succeed you need to face the obstacle in your business that is nothing else then your competitors, always keep in mind the SEO and Digital Marketing as the goal is that you need to be on top of them in the result of the search engine page. There are professional SEO companies providing this services like Tech Magnate, Straight North,USA . Straight North has been delivering top SEO services to clients since 1997.

All you got to do is before building your strategies learn about their strategy , know important things about them and achieve a competitive advantage by simply studying and analyzing your competitor.

#1st Lesson:

Identify your competitors, inorder to know who’s web visibility and traffic is more then yours , irrespective of whether that company is selling same product or not , or providing same services or different .This task to find the correct competitor is not a small task , but if you succeed in identifying your valid competitors it will be worth it.
Here is how you should go about finding your competitors. But before you start make a small list of competitors of your industry or in your location so you have a little idea of who can be your competitors.

  • Look for similar businesses by using your industry keyword which are on the search engines
  • After you find the competitors set up a Google alert on your competing products or services so that you receive all                   necessary updates, so that you could keep up with industry news.
  • Find more competitors in your industry via associations member directories. 

#2nd Lesson:

Determine the keywords, Once you have identified your competitors, next is analyzing the keywords. You can use Google keyword planner tool to analyze who ranks the same term.

In the Google keyword planner you have to enter the competitors URL and the tool will show you the associated keywords to the topics and content on their respective website. This tool can also identify the level of rivalry and volume of the keyword .

#3rd Lesson:

Discover their Content Marketing, to improve your rankings growth your organic traffic and boost your brand awareness. The content used should be of high quality and consistent. This helps a lot in effective Search Engine Optimization and which also will give you more tips. You can learn how to succeed by learning form the strengths of your competition. Observation is the key like keep an eye on how often the competitors post, if the content is rich, or whether they use social media to bring in traffic and also assess the views  they have.

#4th Lesson:

Targeted Audience, it is not enough if you analyze the competitors for better results also observe their targeted audience. You’ll find more about the competition by reading the comments (blog), you’ll find the best information which can help you understand what the audience is saying and what they are expecting. So you’ll know what to do and what not to,which can help you to improve your products and services.

#5th Lesson:

Boost Backlinks, before you start make sure you analyze what the competitor is doing and then build up your strategies it will help a lot. Find opportunities where you can have potential link for your website. Find more about the competitor’s high-authority backlinks identify the quality links and use the potential backlink sources.

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