5 Facts About Social Media Trends For 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind

Social media was up to the expectations with new features, consumer preferences and brand opportunities. It’s important to look ahead and ensure that your using your time efficiently and putting your efforts on right things. Here are 5 social media trends for 2017 that will blow your mind.

1. Social Messaging
When people talk about social media, there seems to be focus on social networks than social networking. These days the messaging apps have a much wider community (and is growing) of users as compared to the social networks for example WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, WeChat and Viber have more users than the big networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

2. Growth in mobile Marketing
Marketer in 2017 are expected to invest more in mobile advertising as the statics shows that the revenue that Facebook gets which was around $7 billion last year of which around 80 percent came from mobile ads. Revenue of twitter is increasing in mobile format and are expected to continue experimenting with the visual content.

3. Augmented reality
The idea of augmented reality into the social sphere came from the Snapchat selfie lenses. Augmented reality is an old technology that has started to go viral because of the social media. Augmented reality gives new opportunities for brands to connect with the audience by sharing experiences, rather than just information on social media which is sometimes boring to read. More than 70% of millennials are interested in virtual reality and 2017 may just be that they blow up the idea of self-insertion into media. Mark Zuckerberg also told and confirmed that Facebook is already working on augmented reality.

4. Live videos
Videos were meant to capture real, unfiltered moments. Now the social media is taking it to the next level by offering the content in real-time to share and view. Social videos have much more engagement than any other content format that is available and have been responsible for a lot of growth on Facebook. Instagram is now also trying and testing their own live video option, and they are not and won’t be the last platform that will try and implement live streaming video. with live and authentic content social media is becoming more fascinated.

5. Chatbots
Chatbots are a kind of artificial intelligence that can have a conversation with someone just like a human being. Chatbots help in businesses as they can consume content, answer questions and complete transaction. It improves customer service by quickly responding to their comments and questions.

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