5 Ways Social Media Has A Role in Education.

The history of media on education started long back. Social media has been a source for entertainment but every coin has two sides and as long as one remains on the right side one can anticipate no harm. Here are 5 ways how social media is helping education to grow.

1. Changing the way parents communicate

Social media is changing the way of communication between the school staff and the parents of the students. Some teachers use Facebook groups and fan pages to be in touch with the parents. Parents can become friends with their child so that they can avoid bad and keep with them good. Groups and fan pages provide all the updates about the activities that are taking place in the school.

2. Connect with classrooms and teachers

Teachers in some areas use twitter to share the lessons plans and connect with other teachers which helps to gather great ideas. Groups on Facebook allows the students from a class to chat, share and collaborate with other students.

3. Improves quality and skills of students in business world

Social media improves the quality of collaboration and students are better able to communicate and share information quickly which makes them comfortable to work in team and increase productivity. It teaches students how to build connections with people which improves their skills in the world of business.

4. Brings out creative and unique ideas

The simple ways with which students change their profile helps them to understand design. Building resumes and personal websites and made interesting with the skills obtained by customizing the layouts and design of social networking profiles. The ease at which users can upload pictures, videos and stories has resulted in bringing out creative ideas. The instant feedback from family and friends helps to refine and develop the idea. It improves artistic abilities and provides much needed confidence which will help the students to decide their future.

5. Availability of studying material online

It is not easy to remember everything that is taught during the class hour in school. Its common where the videos of class recording are shared in the social media groups which helps the students to understand and remember better. Youtube provides with millions of videos which can be referred to understand and learn different things of your interest. Pages and fan groups provide new and interesting information which might help to them to build a better career. People leaving in remote areas who can’t go to school can learn from this.

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