Top 10 Adventure Activities in Dandeli

Dandeli is the best tourism destination for your holiday with loved ones to get up-close to nature where adventure activities happen regularly .Dandeli offers the following adventurous activities in its scenic background which certainly will rejuvenate your body and soul.

Following are the most famous water activities happening in Dandeli

A pleasure filled activity in the white waters of kali river . River rafting is the most popular and thrilling activity in dandeli . One should not miss out to experience the beautiful activity. Adventure seekers must enjoy unforgettable thrilling experience of white water rafting at Dandeli . The rafting is done in the rubber boats which starts from Ganeshgudi and ends up in Maulangi Dandeli, covering a stretch of 9.5km in 3 hours and never forgetting experience. The rapids are not the normal ones they make the rafters scream to their capacity by the time they cross the rapids.

Have you ever heard of zorbing? This is an unique activity. You get into a big clear ball just like a hamster and run on water! Water Zorbing involves a water ball or water-walking ball, which is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside it to walk across the surface of a body of water. The giant ball is usually two meters in diameter and has a zippered entrance to allow for easy entry and exit. This 15-minutes activity that promises to give you the giggles as you try to meander through the water surface. This activity is fun and can be availed by people of any age.

Interested in water sports, You can go for river kayaking in Dandeli. Fast becoming one of the popular destinations for adventure sports . Kayaking in Dandeli is fun and totally safe . This water sport is usually done solo on a moving body of water . The difficultly level of the sport depends on the grade of the rapids. An expert guide will help you understand the basics of kayaking and support you as you go down on a fun-filled trip down the River Kali . It would be preferable if you know swimming when you go kayaking in Dandeli because it will be safer . You should also make sure you wear the mandatory life jackets . Also make sure that you follow the regulations and advice given by the expert guides so that you will enjoy the trip and stay safe at the same time.

Rappeling is a high-on-action sport for those who are adventurous . You get to climb the steepest of cliffs and come careening down suspended by all but one rope! One should be careful as one wrong step could mean trouble – may be not severe, but at least a few bruises. However, there is no need to worry since our experts take care of everything. Come into the world of rappelling on the stark rocky cliffs of the Sahyadri mountain ranges here at Dandeli.

Feel the spine chilling shiver of adventure as you are tossed like a rag doll over the bubbling waters in the unique and sturdy native saucer-shaped ‘coracles’ that are made of bamboo and tanned buffalo hide. The boats are made of split and interwoven rods made of willow or other material and tied with bark.
These are built especially to navigate these turbulent rapids in this area – being round they don’t topple easily.
Coracle Ride in River Kali is one of the most interesting Dandeli activities. Coracles are small, light-weight boats which are used for river navigation. A ride down the river Kali in a coracle is a thrilling and super exciting experience as the breeze brushes across your face. Coracle ride used to cross the river where you can capture the natural beauty. You can spot crocodiles, and lot birds, including Indian great hornbills as well.

Dandeli located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is one of the famous tourist places in India. It is a small town located on the banks of the river Kali and situated among the dense forest region. Dandeli Jungle Safari is the most important activity that one should not miss while in Dandeli. Jungle Safari is an adventure activity, which takes any adventurer who likes to explore the unfathomed streams and the natural horizons of forests. During the Dandeli Jungle Safari, you would have the chance of dwelling into scenic beauty of forest and the wildlife exploration. The jungle safari is also called as a forest trail, trekking or a hiking, but the major difference is that here you don’t walk, instead you will be probing the nature by travelling in an open jeep.
Dandeli Jungle Safari is a thrilling activity, which let you to travel through the dense and lush Dandeli forest in an open jeep for almost 14kms. You can observe the wildlife habitats and chance of spotting animals like Bison, foxes, giant squirrels and many more !.

Zipline is another popular adventure activity at Dandeli. Attach yourself to a harness and fly through the canopy of trees! You can curl into a ‘cannonball’ to go faster or spread out your arms and legs wide to slow yourself down. This is one adventure you won’t want to miss in Dandeli. Some may find it a bit scary, so it’s a good practice to climb to the starting point before you start make sure it’s truly something you want to try.

River Crossing is one of the adventurous Dandeli activities where visitors have to cross the river using a safety harness that is attached to the rope which is tied to both the sides of a river & the water flows below. This activity is offered by several resorts in Dandeli. In the kali river which is always roaring & rushing towards the kingdom of water that is sea, gives a though task for those who like to cross the river. This becomes on interesting activity where you are crossing the river to reach the other end of the wild kali. You are put into task of you are expected to cross this river working in teams.


In today’s day and age where all things natural are becoming a trend, why leave a natural Jacuzzi behind? At Dandeli you get to experience this all natural therapy – a rejuvenating massage from the hosts themselves: the rapids of the river Kali. In order to witness this rare phenomenon you need to travel to one of the islands near Dandeli. A short boat ride thereafter will take you to the premises where nature is at its therapeutic best. The random gushing stream suddenly seems to know how to custom create a unique massage session for you. Enjoy the massage thoroughly – it’s free!

Jungle Trekking activity is nothing but mountaineering. This is really an adventurous and challenging activity and usually undertaken by the youngsters. Jungle trekking is adventurous journey along the thick jungle where you get to see nature, animals, butterflies & birds. Journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport is generally not available. Trekking is not mountaineering it is days of walking along with adventure.

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